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Recreational vehicle electronics manufacturer, RV Electronics has proven their innovation again with the Programmable Range Water Level Indicators. Featuring the same rugged reliability seen in their previous gauges, the Programmable Range has seen some upgrades increase accuracy. The two stand out features of RV Electronics’ new programmable range is the ability to program the senders to your individual tank and the option for deep tank senders!


The Programmable Range is a 3-step purchase for a tailored product:


1- choose your gauge (choice of LED or LCD)


2- choose your senders (option of standard or deep tank senders)


3- choose your cable (2.5m, 5.0m, 7.5m lengths to ensure you’re not paying for what you don’t need).


Standard tank senders are available to measure depths up to 280mm and the new deep tank sender can measure tanks up to 700mm. Whether you’re after a deep tank sender for the flexibility of a slimmer, taller tank or needing to supersize your water storage options with a larger family or more remote travelling, the added security will be there knowing your water level indicator has been quickly and easily programmed to your individual tank. Self-sealing grommets were such a durable and convenient feature of our standard senders that we have included them in our programmable range- no need for messy glues, watertight seals and easier to access the senders for maintenance!


Programmable LCD gauge is pre-programmed to suit tank depts of 180/200mm. Whilst appearing very similar to our standard range LCD gauge, with use you’ll notice it is markedly different.  It is 100% more detailed than the standard LCD gauge with 9 measurement increments for a more thorough reading.

Although being pre-programmed to suit 180/200mm tank depth, the programmable LED gauge can be set to the specific dimensions of your tank. Easy DIY installation- this is often a preferred gauge to retrofit as it is battery powered (included with purchase), so no need to touch current power supply.


RV Electronics values Australian made products and has continued to manufacture their products in house at Holden Hill, South Australia. With manufacturing and assembling their products independently, they can continue to have high quality control whilst supporting the local economy.