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Frequently Asked Questions

Breaksafe 6000/6000XP FAQ:

Q: When do Breaksafe batteries need to be replaced?

A: We recommend replacing every two years. These are the same batteries as are found in house alarm backups (12V 7AH SLA for the 6000, 12v 9AH for the 6000XP) and can be easily sourced from local battery suppliers (Jaycar/Battery world etc).


Q: When test button is pushed, a red light comes on.

A: The battery is low and needs to be charged. We recommend replacing the battery if 2 or more years old.


Q: When test button is pushed no lights come on and/or Breaksafe buzzes.

A: Internal 30A fuse is blown and will need to be replaced or the battery is completely flat, recharge or replace.


Q: When test button is pressed, or switch is pulled, the stop lights do not come on.

A: The 10A fuse on the external red wire is blown or wire is not connected.


Q: When test button is pressed, or switch is pulled the electric brakes don’t hum.

A: This is normal. Only electronic brake controllers make the brakes hum.


Q: How does the Breaksafe get recharged?

A: If the black (auxiliary wire) is connected to the vehicle 12v it will be charged when the trailer/caravan is connected to the car. When stored for long periods it is recommended to charge the battery via a battery charger prior to departure and in regular intervals. If it is a smart charger it may need to be connected directly to the battery terminals. This is done by pushing the two release tabs on the front cover and removing the battery from the Breaksafe.


Q: I have just purchased a caravan and don’t know where the Breaksafe is.

A: The most common places for a Breaksafe to be mounted are in the caravan boot or under the beds.


Non-programmable Water gauge and senders FAQ:

Q: Why isn’t my LED working anymore?
A: Try replacing the battery. If this doesn’t work give us a call or shoot us an email!


Q: My LED/LCD gauge only displays full or empty.
A: Check sender orientation. Occasionally over tension can cause the sender to rotate. Check to make sure the sender is touching the bottom.


Q: My grey water water tank sender is not working anymore.
A: The water level senders are not recommended for grey water. Senders can be used with grey water but will often require regular maintenance. This is relatively easy as installation doesn’t require glues. Simply unscrew the sender and wipe or gently scrub the senders clean so the screws have contact with water and air for correct measurement.


Q: Are your senders compatible with other manufacturers gauges?
A: Please contact us directly to confirm.