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RVE- taking the stress out of your next holiday

RV Electronics' Next-Gen Caravan Safety Equipment

We're thrilled to present the newest star in the RV Electronics family: the Breaksafe Evolution. A culmination of cutting-edge onboard battery monitoring and efficiency, this innovative device now seamlessly draws power from your onboard batteries.

Designed with an unwavering commitment to safety, the Breaksafe system stands as a sentinel during your travels. If your caravan or camper trailer ever becomes unhitched from its towing vehicle, this intuitive system instantly detects the separation, swiftly activating the brakes for a solid 15 minutes. The result? Unmatched safety for everyone on the journey.

For those familiar with brake-away systems, you'll likely remember our previous models, which carried their own batteries and weighed in at 2.2kg. Their heft often made wall mounting challenging, leading to installations in less convenient spots, such as under beds.

Enter the Breaksafe Evolution:

  • Weight: A feather-light <100g
  • Dimensions: A compact 100mm x 60mm
  • Battery Compatibility: Versatile with LIPO, SLA, or AGM batteries

This revamped design allows for hassle-free wall mounting, ensuring a versatile installation process. And although it's ever-watchful, the Breaksafe Evolution is a model of energy efficiency. In its passive mode, it sips energy, ensuring only a minimal draw on your onboard batteries.

Setting it up is a breeze. Embrace the plug-and-play simplicity. Adjust its settings effortlessly, tailoring it to various battery types.

Ready to elevate your travel safety? Purchase your Breaksafe Evolution directly from our website. For those looking at bulk acquisitions, please connect with us via email.

How do you feel about this latest innovation from RV Electronics? Have questions or experiences to share? We invite you to comment below!