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Breaksafe Evolution

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The Breaksafe Evolution is the adaptation of the Breaksafe 6000 to meet the needs of today’s customers. Most caravans and camper trailers built today have sufficiently sized on-board batteries and power supply. This has inspired the development of the Breaksafe Evolution.


  • Halts your caravan/camper trailer in an emergency


Like the Breaksafe 6000, the Evolution applies brakes and brake lights to the caravan/camper trailer during an accidental separation and holds the brakes on for 15min, enabling you to secure your towed vehicle when it has come to a stop.


  • Suits all caravans and camper trailers with on board batteries greater than 50 A/H


Most caravans and camper trailers with on board batteries have 100 to 300 A/H capacity. General use of Breaksafe Evolution will not make a noticeable difference to onboard batteries with ultra-low energy draw whilst in passive mode.


  • Suits all 12 volt electric braking systems


Suitable for all 12 volt electro-magnetic type drum brakes and all 12 volt electric over hydraulic brake actuator systems.


  • Compact and light design


Weight just under 100g and 100mm x 60mm making it possible to wall mount.


  • Easy installation


Spend more time doing what you love with simple plug and play installation.


  • Maintenance free!


No batteries means no maintenance! One less thing to worry about when planning a trip or leaving for an impromptu get away.


  • Simple testing procedure


We recommend going through a quick test before leaving for a trip!

Click through here to download instructions. Include link to downloadable instructions.


  • Settings to suit most on-board batteries


Easily interchangeable settings to suit LIPO, SLA and AGM batteries


  • Australian designed, made and owned

All of our products are designed and manufactured in house (locally in South Australia). This is for a multitude of reasons- quality control (even something as small as plastic ratios can make a huge difference in durability), local economy (did you know we use a large array of machines to manufacture this in Adelaide?), and reliability (you know the saying- if you want it done well….).


  • As tough as it looks


One piece, over moulded design ensures it’s ultra-durable for Australian terrain. Made from automotive grade material that will flex and absorb vibration from on road and off-road use.

Complete fitting instructions for Breaksafe Evolution available here. 

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