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Programmable LED Water Monitoring


Discover the Future of Water Tank Monitoring! 

At RV Electronics, we're proud to introduce our innovative Programmable LED Gauges—a crucial part of our Programmable Range Water Level Indicators. Our gauges are designed to provide accurate tank monitoring while offering the flexibility to tailor them to your specific tank dimensions.

Key Features:

📊 Precision Monitoring: Our Programmable LED Gauges are pre-programmed to suit 180/200mm tank depth but can be customized to match your tank's unique dimensions.

🔋 Battery-Powered: Easy DIY installation with battery included, eliminating the need to interfere with your current power supply.

The Programmable Range - Your Tailored Solution:

The Programmable Range is a 3-step purchase for a tailored product:

  1. Choose Your Gauge: Select from our Programmable LED Gauge or the Programmable LCD Gauge for your preferred display.

  2. Choose Your Senders: Choose between standard or deep tank senders based on your tank's depth requirements.

  3. Choose Your Cable: Select the cable length (2.5m, 5.0m, 7.5m) to ensure you have the right fit for your setup.

Deep Tank Senders: Our deep tank sender can measure tanks up to 700mm, giving you the flexibility to accommodate slimmer, taller tanks or expand your water storage options.

No Messy Glues, Watertight Seals: Our programmable range includes self-sealing grommets for easy installation and maintenance, eliminating the need for messy glues.

Detailed Monitoring: The Programmable LCD Gauge offers 100% more detail with 9 measurement increments for a thorough reading.

Australian-Made Quality: At RV Electronics, we take pride in manufacturing our products in-house at Holden Hill, South Australia. Our commitment to local production ensures high-quality control while supporting the Australian economy.

Please Note:

  • The prices listed here are for the gauge only. Programmable Tank Sender Probes and Cable are required for a complete tank monitoring system.

For more information about installation, see our instructions here.